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Foster-Share Closet

The Fostering Hope Foster-Share Closet is a place where foster parents and children can ‘shop’ for items they need. The closet includes essential gear, clothing, toys, furniture, additional child-care items, as well as a ‘library’ full of books. All items are on a first-come, first-serve and borrow basis. They are also all free of charge.

How does it work?

Before visiting the Fostering Hope Foster-Share Closet or utilizing any of our programs, we require all foster families to register with us. Please register with a chapter by visiting your county chapter page listed below.  Once you are registered, we’ll be in touch with you regarding the inventory available and the opportunity to ‘shop’ and sign-out what you need.

What Items are Available at the Foster-Share Closet?

Our inventory varies greatly based on the donations we receive and the items that are currently being utilized by other foster families. Each Chapter stocks their items based on their specific needs. Many of these items include baby gear, children’s clothing, toys, books, games, and more. If you have a specific item you are looking for, please contact the county closest to you.

I just received a new placement and I don’t have anything for this child. What can you help me with?

Along with being able to ‘shop’ the entire inventory of the Foster-Share Closet, we have a special program called Bags of Hope for new placements. If you didn’t receive your Bag of Hope from your new placement’s case worker, we can get you one! These bags are age specific and include items such as pacifiers, hair care products, toothbrushes, nightlights, toiletry items, activity books, and more. Please visit our Bags of Hope page for more information.

What Else?

Families are asked to schedule visits ahead of time with their chapter to ensure the space is available. Visitation must be approved by your caseworker and proof of approval may be requested.

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