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No More Trashbags!

Fostering Hope is providing foster children new duffle bags to use for their belongings when moving from one home to another.

Imagine this…

You’re a child. A caseworker knocks on the door to your home. They tell you that you can’t stay there anymore, that it’s no longer safe for you. You’re told that you’re going to stay with some new parents (aka – strangers) for a while. You’re confused and scared. You have no idea how long until you’ll be able to see your mommy and daddy again. Then, the caseworker tells you to pack up the things you want to take with you and hands you a trash bag. It’s heart wrenching to imagine. Watch this video titled ReMoved to get a closer look.

Kids are not trash! And their treasured possessions don’t belong in trash bags. They shouldn’t have to show up on a stranger’s front porch carrying a trash bag. They deserve dignity!

Fostering Hope is dedicated to providing as many foster children in Southeastern PA as possible with a new duffle bag to use for their belongings when being placed into care or moving from one home to another. Visit Amazon to view the specific duffle bag we’d like to provide to children (based on size and for storage reasons).

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