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Our Intiatives

Dignity Duffles

Fostering Hope is providing foster children new duffle bags to use for their belongings when moving from one home to another.

Imagine this… You’re a child. A caseworker knocks on the door to your home. They tell you that you can’t stay there anymore, that it’s no longer safe for you. You’re told that you’re going to stay with some new parents (aka – strangers) for a while. You’re confused and scared. You have no idea how long until you’ll be able to see your mommy and daddy again. Then, the caseworker tells you to pack up the things you want to take with you and hands you a trash bag.

Bags of Hope

Fostering Hope is providing foster children with bags containing the basic necessities needed when entering a new home.

When a child enters foster care it can be a scary and confusing time. Many times they come to their temporary foster homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs. We want to offer a small gift to these children and their foster families to ease some of that fear and uncertainty.

“Foster-Share” Closet

Fostering Hope’s Foster-Share Closet will help you always be prepared for a placement!

The Foster-Share Closet was Fostering Hope’s very first initiative. Soon after the Directors of Fostering Hope became foster parents, they realized how crucial the support, donations, and offers for help they had were to their success as foster parents. They decided to relieve the burden of frantically searching for the needed basics from other foster families as well.

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